Professional support
from planning through to commissioning

Our code of conduct

Since 1986 we have been planning, designing, and producing electronical equipment for industrial facilities according to our mission statement “complete support form planning to commissioning”. We can supply our customers with complete, customized solutions – from the development of the line concept, the hardware and software planning, control cabinet construction and line installation, through to robot programming and onsite commissioning in the highest quality.

Satisfied customers are the focus of our activities. We recognize the existing and future market requirements and take customer requests seriously. We implement these in partnership in ongoing communication with the customer. We present our services competently to the outside world. The economic and qualitative goals of our customers are the basis of our service concept and we convince our customers with a transparent performance presentation.

We stand for fair and human cooperation in the company and with our customers and suppliers. Open communication and companionship are firmly established practices and encourage the team spirit and exchange of experience within our company. We focus on working in an independent, solutionoriented manner and offer space for personal development and further technical qualification. Longterm retention, social integration and compatibility are our aims for our employees. As a small company our strengths are the professional qualifications, motivation and flexibility of our employees. The basis for this is responsible corporate management geared towards longterm value creation. The basis of responsible and sustainable company action is the observation of social, economic and ecological principles.

Our success is based on the ambitious work of all colleagues who ensure innovations and sustained customer service, and who are committed to consistent quality, and not least to compliance with ethical principles. The consequent adherence to the values of trustworthiness and reliability, to moral standards and to the principle of legality and legitimacy is of central importance to us. In addition to procedural, economic and technical criteria, we also pay attention to social and ecological aspects such as human rights, working conditions, corruption prevention and environmental protection in our procurement activities. Together with our suppliers, we work on the economic fulfillment of customer requirements.

We set up this code of conduct to highlight the importance of this common commitment. It makes clear our attitude to legal regulations and ethical issues, and also highlights the expectation we set for ourselves and for our business partners, employees and suppliers.

The code of conduct is binding for every RAFO employee and supplier. We want RAFO employees and suppliers to feel obligated to carry out ethical business practices, fair behavior, conserving the environment and the unlimited compliance to legislation. This is and will remain a precondition for our future international success. Violations against legal requirements and thus against this code of conduct shall not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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