Shortening of commissioning times
through simulation

Offline simulation

To reduce the time-consuming adjustment of robot programmes and minimize commissioning times, we use offline simulation.

The robot program is prepared and optimized offline (i.e. in the office). Based on the simulation models provided by the design office, robot application programmes are created. We use Process Simulate as a platform for robot offline programming.

To reduce the set-up times in terms of PLCs as well, the system software is checked offline for various factors before the actual system construction. This occurs with the help of various tools to simulate the system, which uncover errors and inadequacies in the created software.

The simulation supports the software designer or robot programmer in verifying the created software early on. Errors and bugs can be found and rectified in the office even before the start of commissioning and do not have to be determined on the building site through time-consuming tests and trial runs.